Secure SMS verification made simple.

Verify your users with SMS authentication codes. Just 8 lines of code get you automatic message translation, scalable international SMS routing and a free development sandbox.

import { Everify } from "everify"
const everify = new Everify("70734ec8c591424b9")

Integration is a breeze

Verify your users with 9 lines of code. In the background, Everify takes care of generating secure one-time codes, translating verification messages into 8 different languages, and intelligently routing the SMS for speedy deliverability. Everify comes with developer-focused documentation that is easy to use and helps you get started within 3 minutes.

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Optimized for users and developers alike

Your business is your business - our business is guaranteeing a great and seamless SMS verification experience.
We automatically translate our verification messages into 8 different languages and send them through a high-capacity SMS infrastructure optimized for deliverability rates and speed.

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    +1-433-346-7173en-USJust now
    +1-861-983-6722en-USJust now
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Free Sandbox messages

Never spend a cent on developing your apps! With Sandbox Mode, your verification messages will be routed to an in-browser phone mockup. That means easier debugging, access to unlimited testing phone numbers, and faster iteration speed - all of that for free! When you're done, simply turn off the setting and start sending real SMS.Learn more →

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const everify = new Everify("70734ec8")
await everify.startVerification({
method: "sms",
phoneNumber: "+16190522853"

World-Class Security

Security is baked into Everify. We build on secure technologies for generating one time tokens, storing them encrypted at rest. Everify is fully GDPR compliant and follows data minimalism principles.

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Everify at a glance

Batteries included. Get up and running within minutes!

Fast SMS Delivery

Everify uses high-throughput SMS infrastructure and sends from local numbers wherever possible. Most messages deliver in < 3 seconds.

Fully Encrypted

All Personally Identifiable Information, including all API calls, are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Localized Messages

Based on the phone number's location, we use localized messages for 5 languages for a better user experience and higher success rates.

Real-time Statistics

Everify features a real-time statistics dashboard that gives you extensive insights into your verification processes and usage.

Extensive Logs

A detailed view on any verification process allows you to manually debug issues and see exactly when and why a verification was sent.

NodeJS Library

Everify comes with a modern, Typescript-ready NodeJS library to make it easier to integrate with. Plus: a REST Api for any other language!

Sandbox Mode

Develop your integration without paying for a single SMS! Receive in-browser Sandbox messages with the same API, for free.

Dead-Simple Pricing

No hidden fees or monthly subscriptions, and up to 40% less than competitors. Pay per verification, plus Twilio's SMS cost per message.


Sign up for free, scale infinitely.

$0.03/ verification
+ Twilio SMS charges and applicable VAT
  • Automatic localization for 5 languages

  • Optimized for security, user experience, and speed

  • Extensive usage statistics

  • Save up to 40% compared to other SMS verification APIs

  • Get started for free with Sandbox Mode

Custom Pricing

Secure your enterprise service within minutes.

  • High-Priority custom throughput queue

  • Personal Customer Support plan

  • Advanced analytical insights into your verification patterns

  • Custom Hosting for even higher security and throughput