Introducing Sandbox mode

Jan Wilhelm

Today, we are introducing Sandbox mode, which makes developing with Everify a breeze. With a single setting, your verification messages will be routed to an in-browser phone mockup. This will allow you to get started completely for free - don't spend a single cent on sending SMS!

What's included in Sandbox mode?

With the Everify Sandbox you get access to all of Everify's useful features, including the simple API, secure generation of verification codes, automatic message translation, and extensive logging insights. It works just like you would expect it to - simply add that one parameter and start building your whole SMS verification integration for free!

How to use it

To enable Sandbox mode, simply call sandbox() on an Everify instance or pass sandbox: true to the constructor of your Everify helper object as shown below. When you call the startVerification API method, Everify will re-route the verification message to your browser instead of a real cell phone. That way, you save 100% on carrier costs while developing your application! You can use Sandbox mode anytime, without having to configure anything in your project settings or elsewhere. Even after deploying your verification system to production, you can still keep using Sandbox mode for future local development.

import Everify from "everify"
const everify = new Everify("d9t898n34nsgs012uw3")

One extra tip: Automatically enable Sandbox mode everywhere except for production by setting the following flag: sandbox: process.env.NODE_ENV !== "production".

Try it out

You can click on "Run" below, which will run the shown code and demonstrate how the Sandbox works. Give it a try!

import Everify from "everify"
const everify = new Everify("d9t898n34nsgs012uw3")
await everify.startVerification({
method: "sms",
phoneNumber: "+15417543010"

Taking it to production

To leave Sandbox mode, simply take the sandbox() call out of your code. Before you can start sending real SMS though, you will have to set up billing for Everify, as shown here. Let's go live - and fight off fraud and bots and keep your data safe!

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