What is Everify, and why should I use it?

Jan Wilhelm

Securing modern applications can be hard. Every second, there are countless malicious attempts, both by robots and humans, to log in to online accounts that are extremely valuable to the real user. The problem is: Users tend to use extremely weak passwords (The most common password worldwide is "123456"). When there's just one accidental password leak somewhere, it gets easy for bad actors to impersonate your users and do scary amounts of damage.

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) helps prevent that. In addition to their password, users need to submit so-called One Time Passwords in order to log in, which are securely generated random codes, that you often times receive as an SMS. You've probably come across one of them yourself before: Remember those SMSs that read "Your PayPal security code is 701 855?" Yep, that's 2FA.

So how do you add Two-Factor authentication to your app? When you expect to have users worldwide, how do you handle SMS routing? How do you translate your verification codes into the user's language to optimize success rates? What about retry logic, or implementing rate-limiting to ensure that you don't become a victim of Toll Fraud? You could, of course, build that logic yourself. That is fine (and might be a fun challenge) - but in the end, you will have 800 extra lines of code to maintain plus nights without sleep when your users can't log in.

Introducing Everify. Forget about all those nasty problems - with Everify, you will have restful nights again. Everify handles automatic translation, high-throughput delivery, generation and storage of secure one-time tokens, providing a scalable real-time development sandbox, and more. Pricing is extremely simple too: Pay for successful verifications only. All development messages are free, so that you don't even need a credit card to implement 2FA! For more information, check our pricing page.

Build a highly scalable, optimized and Two-Factor authentication system within minutes - without breaking the bank! Sign up now, no commitment.

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